Donté Ledbetter

Product Marketing Lead, Codecademy

About this speaker

Donté Ledbetter is the Product Marketing Lead at Codecademy and author of Just Make It Work: An Honest Guide to Navigating the First Decade of Your Career.

Donté is a multi-faceted marketing leader who drives immediate impact on any team and has spent years in the tech and mobile industries helping companies grow with data-driven creative strategies. From launching new products to market to spearheading marketing operations, Donté's experience and leadership spans multiple marketing disciplines. 

Donté is also a frequent speaker on all things marketing, tech, and careers and has spoken to audiences at Stanford University, NYU, Montclair State University, SUNY New Paltz, and various marketing conferences. In 2018, he was named on FindSpark's list of "20 Black Leaders To Follow For Career Inspiration." He has also written for Elite Daily, Advertising Week, and VentureBeat.

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Donté Ledbetter