Mark Gambale

Director of Business Development, Headway

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Mark Gambale’s Passions:

• Coaching my team to do the best work that drives them the most.

• Inspiring organizations to bring their company to #1 in their market.

• Writing songs that tell a story of sorrow and redemption.

• Leaving a legacy of a product that helps doctors send patients home cancer-free.

• Teaching my 4 kids how to positively impact more lives than I ever could.

Mark started his career as a Gartner Analyst in 1996. While at Gartner, he researched the potential impact of SaaS and cloud services on established industry players such as Microsoft, Apple, and IBM. In this role, Mark learned how to view technology through the lens of a market futurist. After Gartner, he shifted to Gomez Advisors to create ecommerce scorecards. Mark’s work caught the attention of Jeff Bezos. Mark was invited to coach Jeff’s executive leadership team on how to improve Amazon’s buying experience.

After 5 years as a Market Analyst, he became a Product Manager in 2002. In this role, he was responsible for product management, launch and demand generation. He successfully launched 15 products in the B2B space as Product Manager. In 2012, Mark shifted from Product Management to pure Product Marketing for B2B and B2C applications. During this period, Mark launched an innovative GTM plan that enabled the company to hit its ARR goal within 1 week of launch. Mark went on to hold additional roles in Product Management, Marketing, and ran his own agency. In recent times, he crafted a single campaign that increased the company pipeline by 33%with a capstone event of speaking on the future of AI in Las Vegas.

Mark is now the Director of Business Development at where he helps ambitious B2B startups get to market and stay there through remarkable design and development.

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Mark Gambale